With the public’s rising interest in fitness and nutrition, more and more carbohydrate products in the supermarket are available with a “whole grain” option. Whether it is crackers, bread, frozen waffles, cereal or pasta, it is very common to see label statements such as “Whole Wheat,” “Multi-Grain,” etc. Is this a positive thing? Absolutely! It means Americans have more and more healthy options to choose from!

If you are competing in the Body-for-LIFE® challenge, the majority of your grains should be delivered by whole grains. What do we mean when we say “whole grains?” We mean the grains have not been through a refining process that removes certain nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Statements such as “Multi-Grain” make shoppers automatically assume the product contains whole grains. “Multi-Grain” simply means the product provides grains from more than one source. However, it does not necessarily indicate whole grains.

The best way to know exactly what you are purchasing is to read the label! The next time you are at the store diligently checking the label on a loaf of bread or a box of crackers, be sure to read the Ingredients List.  Look for ingredients such as whole wheat flour, whole grain oats, brown rice, whole rye, bulgur and whole grain barley, just to name a few! Yes, this could extend the time you spend in the supermarket, but it is worth the extra time to make healthy choices that help you reach your fitness goals!