Generation (I Want It) "Now" Needs to Take Time to Heal



Generation (I Want It) "Now" Needs to Take Time to Heal

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Everybody gets weighed down by the occasional cold or flu bug.  A lot of people are burdened by seasonal allergies, too.  Some people are naturally prone to small injuries, impingement, or pain in joints, muscles, ligaments or tendons. These things are just a part of life that we don’t really like, yet have come to accept.  But what if the cold or flu bug or allergy or injury hits right smack dab in the middle of our Body for LIFE Challenge?!  Do you give up and throw in the towel because, “clearly”, either your current progress/results or the rest of your challenge will be ruined by your inability to go to the gym or stay on track with the program?  Or do you push through the sniffles, the cough, the headache, the nausea, or the pain and keep on going full force as you have been?  The answer is often: neither nor! This is when it’s time to rest and recognize that rest will not ruin anything!

Unless you have sustained an illness or injury that is diagnosed as long duration (i.e. a heart condition or a bone fracture), the interruption to your Body-for-LIFE program while in recovery will only be a temporary one!  As a temporary matter to endure, when you get sick or experience a fleeting pain, it is quite manageable to maintain current results and to get right back on track once you have allowed yourself to take a brief break to fully recover.  In other words, temporary interruptions to your program do NOT imply ruined results or ruined chances at achieving transformation goals!  It is far more important to allow yourself the few days of recovery now, rather than to push yourself so much that you end up making yourself worse, and needing an even longer break for recovery later!  It is crucial to listen to your body and to always put your health first.  We understand that it is very easy to get caught up in the competition of the Body for LIFE program, and thus put workouts and meal plans at a priority over your own well-being.  Trust us, though, this is the biggest mistake you can make! Although it is important to push yourself and to challenge yourself to new limits during the program in order to yield the best results possible; we don’t ever recommend ignoring an illness or injury at the risk of short term repairable condition and exacerbating into something much more serious, long term.

It is often helpful to visualize the inconsequentiality of an illness- or injury-induced disruption to your Body for LIFE program by breaking it down into numbers.   The Body for LIFE program is 84 days long.  In those 84 days, you will perform 18 upper body workouts, 18 lower body workouts, and 36 HIIT Cardio Sessions.  In those 84 days, you will consume approximately 432 Body-for-LIFE approved meals (6 meals per day x 6 days per week (don’t count free day!) x 12 weeks).  Now, let’s say you come down with a cold.   Let’s say you allow yourself the proper rest and recovery to make sure the cold is completely out of your system before getting back into your workouts and regular meal plan.  Hypothetically, the cold is likely to last about 4 days because you allowed yourself the proper rest, rather than pushing yourself to go to the gym while sick.  Essentially, what this will mean as a WORST case scenario to your program is missing 1 upper body workout, 1 lower body workout, 2 HIIT sessions and 24 Body for LIFE approved meals.  This equates to just 5% missed upper body workouts, 5% missed lower body workouts, 5% missed HIIT sessions, and 5% non-approved meal patterns.  Of course, if you are able to still eat pretty much according to Body for LIFE while you are sick (or injured) the percentage will be even lower!  Regardless, 5% out of 100% really is a marginal proportion, and is far from a percentage that will prevent you from progressing and reaching your program goals!  Furthermore, the 5% “error” from breaking the program to recover now, is far more trivial than the potentially larger percentage of “error” you risk by needing more recovery later due to the fact that you pushed yourself further into illness or injury by not taking the proper time to rest right at the commence of the illness or injury.

Bottom line:  Listen to your body, put your health at priority, and try not to worry about ruined results when life’s ways of illness or injury come knocking at your Body for LIFE door.  It is much more important to allow yourself to heal right away, rather than risk a much more detrimental ailment in the future by unnecessarily placing the spirit competition at priority.

  • Do not get discourage, just recuperated and keep on going.

  • i need to find a blog for newbee's..haha...i'm just not understanding this program and can't find my there anyone that can please point me in the right direction? I'm searching for info on portion amount, and things like is it okay to have a fat free yogurt for snack?..can you eat banana's if not why?

  • Wiki,

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    Brittany, THE BFL Team