Morning Motivation

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Whether you’re familiar with Body-for-LIFE, or new to the program, you have probably heard that the 20 Minute Aerobic Solution is most effective when performed in the morning on an empty stomach. If you are not a “morning person,” this can be a very difficult habit to make. For participants trying to maximize results or change their routine, a morning workout might be a great option! Plus, who doesn’t love having their evenings free? And for those who work second or third shift, just consider “morning” the time you usually wake up, whatever time that happens to be. You will still receive the same benefits by waking up and working out on an empty stomach, too!


Remember the Body-for-LIFE motto, “Progress, not Perfection.” If getting up early to do cardio in the morning is about as appealing to you as a root canal, try to make a more gradual goal. For example, perform morning cardio just one day for the first week, two days for the second week, and all three days for the third week. Even if it takes all twelve weeks to exercise in the morning, congratulate yourself!


Another helpful tip, and probably most effective, is to prepare your exercise gear at night. Be sure to lay out your clothes, shoes, gym pass, music player and headphones right next to your bed. It is amazing how much easier it can be when all these items are right at your fingertips. We have even heard from people who sleep in their gym clothes!


Good luck, and be sure to reward yourself on your free day for making such a great and difficult change! 


  • Awesome suggestions here, thanks.

  • I am so not a morning person. Twice this week I tried to get up early and go to the gym before work but hit the snooze several times instead and ended up doing cardio at 10:00 at night. Ugh. Trying to make it one time a week seems a good way to start... We shall see. :)