Encouraging Others To Do BFL

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Congratulations on taking the first step to completing your 12 week Body For LIFE® program! At first, when you are starting the program, you may feel very motivated and feel there is no way you will not complete the whole 12 weeks. As time goes on though, it can become more difficult, and you may be tempted to get off track. However, if you encourage others to do the program along with you, it is more likely that you will stick with it and complete the whole 12 weeks. When others are doing the program with you, it can cause you to feel more accountable. They may ask you how you are doing with your program, you may see them in the gym everyday, and if you miss a day and they don’t see you they may ask you where you were, making you feel more accountable.


Also, encouraging others to do the program with you can help to build excitement about doing the program. Usually, when you are encouraging someone to do something you are almost "selling" them on the program; so you have to sound upbeat, excited and energetic about it. This can subconsciously make you yourself more excited, upbeat, and energetic about your own program!


If you can talk someone in your household - like your significant other - into doing the program with you, then you can cook the same healthy meals together and get all of the other un-authorized foods out of your household completely. It’s easier to avoid un-authorized foods if they are not available to you in your home. Also, you will not have to be tempted to go off the plan by coming home and seeing someone else relaxing on the couch and eating junk food, which could cause you to wish you could do the same.  Instead, you could come home to someone telling you about a new healthy recipe they found that they want to try tonight for dinner.


If there is no way you could possibly talk your significant other into doing the program, or if you are single, co- workers are another great source for a partner to do the challenge with. Since you see them every day, you could ask each other how the program is going, work out together, or even share meal plans. Taking a look at someone else’s meal plan could help you realize you need to do things differently with your own meal plan, or it could even serve as a way to find new BFL authorized meals that you had not thought of yet. If you are eating the same thing day in and day out, that can become boring. When you add new meals into the mix, you are less likely to get off track due to boredom.


So, in conclusion, the main benefit of encouraging others to do Body-For-LIFE® is that it can help you to stay on track and complete your own 12 week program!

  • Nice article!

  • Just starting the BFL challenge today.  I have started in the past and didn't finish.  Going to see if I'm more active on line if it will help.  I'm a happily married 46 year old mother of two.  Started late so they are 6 & 9.  I've always worked out in the gym and at home.  I've done triathlons, century rides and other races.  Seems like I can get my weight down to a set point then I don't seem to be able to get that last 10-15 off.  My body fat is 24% so I have muscle but haven't really watched the diet close enough to get "cut".  Knowing what to do and doing it are two entirely different things!  I have a couple of quotes that I like, "Pain is weakness leaving your body", and "You can't out-train a bad diet".  Any encourgement would greatly be appreciated!

  • Great idea!!

  • My husband and I are going to do this together.  I am also planning to post a journal to my facebook page so that my husband and I may in turn be encouraging to others.  Our start date is August 29th.. we have to wait for our supplements to come in.  We are 35 - 45 minutes to the closest store that sells any so we are making our list and will order them on line.  We have also obtained a weight bench and some weights from a friend that we will pick up this week.  We are trying to get everything together, planned out and set up so there are no excuses.  My husband has a love for bicycles and riding so we are going to incorporate that into our workout program for the aerobic portion.  We are going to map out a route this weekend and time how long it takes to ride it.  We will use the distance and completion time as a basis to measure our improvement with the goal of adding distance and speed to the route as we improve.

  • Have a question please!!???   I am really keen to start and have earmarked my late Moms birthday in February.. seems far away but my life is very unsettled at the moment ,. so for now i am going to prepare and plan.. THE QUESTION is.....  I am worried about the usual loose skin thing that happens when you lose a lot of weight... has this happend to anyone on the challenge, is there a way to avoid this.....?????? Its a big concern on my mind...

  • Rhonda, generally speaking the loose skin will shrink right back up with proper muscle tone from lifting weights. I say this with a caveat that it depends on the level of progress you're taking to get to your natural weight. I worked for a plastic surgeon and there were nips and tucks that could be done for a reasonable price if this is a concern but for the most part, muscle tone, good nutrition and LOTS of water will keep the skin firm and taut.


    Accountability is huge for me so I contacted my former employer and plastic surgeon, drdeankane.com to post my before and after photos in order to promote his business as well as BFL.  I also hired my 10 yo daughter to take the weekly photos of me in the same outfit. I asked my spouse to make his delicious MIddle Easter salads for me weekly in large amounts.

    I'm also adjusting my friendships somewhat so that I don't allow  myself to be in situations that will undermine my fitness/nutrition goals. It keeps any potential saboteurs (family and close friends) at bay.

    I work out in the evenings because it melds well with my evening rituals and helps with my sleep issues which lends well to starting a fantastic new day.