Mind Over Matter…Getting and Staying in a Healthy Mindset!



Mind Over Matter…Getting and Staying in a Healthy Mindset!

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Driving down the road, it may seem sometimes like we are navigating through a sea of fast food signs and advertisements. The grocery store is equally as daunting with an abundance of unhealthy foods and eye-catching packaging drawing us right to them.  Add to that the donut-filled break room at work, the many celebrations throughout the year and the friend who’s always inviting you out for a cocktail or dinner plans, and it can seem like an overwhelming feat for anyone trying to stay on track. We are human, and we are going to become tempted by things on a daily basis, but we also have a great deal of power to make the right decisions each and every day. No one said it was easy to say no to all of the temptations that life can present, but it can be done I assure you!

One of THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS anyone can do to set themselves up for success is to CREATE A HEALTHY MINDSET AND ENVIRONMENT!  There are so many simple things that you can do to create a healthy mindset, and I’m going to share a few of my favorites with you.

  1. Get a subscription or two to healthy magazines. Buy a few in the store to see which ones you like first, and then order a subscription.  This way you have a constant stream of fresh new health related media arriving at your doorstep, sitting on your coffee table, and ready to read anytime you feel tempted to sit on the couch and eat potato chips. Instead just grab a magazine and start reading it. The pictures in them are great motivators in and of themselves!
  2. Speaking of fitness models, find pictures of the body that you aspire to have in these magazines or print some off of the internet. Visualization is key to reaching your goal, and before you start saying…”I’ll never have that body,” stop yourself, because yes you CAN have that body! You have to have a picture of where you want to go if you ever want to get there, and you have to believe in your ability to do it!  Some of the best places you can hang your goal pictures are on your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, a small one in your car or wallet, in your home work out room, your workspace, or anywhere else where you might encounter temptation.
  3. Post your goals! If you’ve read Body for LIFE, then you know how important it is to write your goals, but I know it’s easy for many people to get sidetracked, and so this is why it’s necessary to read them often. Write them down and post them where you can read them each and every day…no ifs, ands, or buts…DO IT!
  4. Choose carefully what you allow in your psyche. Watching tv shows filled with negative messages and pizza commercials in between isn’t exactly inspiring, so take a look at what you are allowing into your mindset and decide where you can make some changes. Many times people just get accustomed to certain habits and don’t even realize how much those little things can impact their mentality. Be mindful of anything unnecessarily negative that enters into your life through media or other avenues and just make the decision to focus instead on things that help you reach your goal of living a happy healthy lifestyle. Change the channel….or better yet do something active!
  5. Inspire yourself with words of wisdom.  Never underestimate the power of a good quote or scripture! This works much like having goal pictures around, but they can tug at your heart strings a little bit more and steer you in the right direction when you need the extra motivation most. Find a few quotes that you can write and post them in various places.  During my challenge I had the quote “Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels!” written in my wallet. During times of temptation I would pull it out and just envision how great I was going to feel when I reached my goal. After a while all I had to do was think of that quote being in my wallet, and that was enough to get me through tempting situations. Make small ones to fit in small places and large ones to post if you want. Be creative and find ones that get you fired up!
  6. Make a dream board. This is perhaps the most powerful tool I can think of to help spell out your goals and to visualize where you want to go in life. You can even tie all of the above things into your dream board. Get a regular poster board, some magazines, and a glue stick and start cutting and pasting! The focus of your dream board is going to include pictures of where you want to go in life, words that define the type of life you want, and any symbols that you feel represent your own happiness. They can be health related, family oriented, financial, or personal, and nothing is too big or too small or too silly. Dream boards are inspiring to create, but even more powerful once the things on them begin happening in your life. I’ve had quite a few things come true on mine, including winning the Body for LIFE challenge! Put it somewhere that you see it every single day, and I guarantee it will help you stay in a healthy mindset!
  7. Keep a record of your journey either on paper or online. Use the Body for LIFE journal or your own method of tracking your eating and your exercise routines. This is very eye opening for anyone who has never done it. Not only will it help you to see where you have room for improvement, it will also help you to see your progress as you fine tune what works for you in regard to your eating and exercise plan.  It might seem unlikely, but it really does help when you are standing in the kitchen late at night thinking about whether or not you want to grab that peanut butter and jelly. You need to be accountable to yourself for what is going into your body and to stay on track with your workouts. Writing it all down is important and skipping this is non-negotiable in my opinion for anyone doing a challenge or looking to change their physique.  Take the time to do it, and I promise you will thank yourself later!

While these things may seem almost too simple at first, once you try using these little tricks, you might be surprised at just how powerful they are and how much they can and WILL help you succeed! Think of them as the “little angels on your shoulder” that help you to make the right decisions when you need a push in the right direction the most!

  • This was great information to know!  I completed BFL last summer & lost around 30lbs, but never used weights (due to my disc disease), but I walked a lot.  Though from not lifting weights, I lost muscle mass as well as body fat...big mistake!Since then I've stopped exercising all together & have gained back about 8lbs. I promised myself I wouldn't do this.  Though, this time around I'm having trouble getting & staying motivated!!  I will apply these tools.  Thank you~~

  • This is good stuff, People!

    I keep a daily journal on my MYSPACE blogs for my 1600 friends to bear witness.


    I am second week BFL, and 5th day challenge. Lost 17 pounds already - and totally pumped!

    - Terry

  • These are wonderful suggestions.  I am in week 5 of the challange and have been doing some of these things.  I keep a very simple journal of my daily diet and exercise, a plain notebook with the food journal on one side of the page and my exercise on the other.  I also periodically write notes about my progress in the same notebook.  Low tech, but it works for me!  I love the idea of a dream board and can't wait to get started on that.

  • I just learned about this program today.  I am back in school, trying to gain more education and certifications before my family relocates South in about two years.  My constant fear is that my size will keep me from interviewing favorably when we relocate, and I need to start a lifestyle change.  I used to be a vegetarian, and didn't eat too many sweets.  Now I consume them daily, and outgrowing my clothes.  I have written down goals for my academic life, and am accomplishing them, but I never thought about writing down goals for my weight and body.  Thanks for the lightbulb.  I'm going to start implementing some of these ideas...the first to set a one month goal.

  • I am new to the site and just started today.  

    - I actually did a 12 week program with tremendous personal results about 2 years ago.

    - I have to tune up again and am getting motivated to start another 12 week session.

    - Of course to start on November 1st is a real challenge because of the Holidays coming up.

    - But the reality is that there will always be a reason to postpone and just like Bill says it is not about perfection but progress that counts.

    - I am planning out my meals and workouts for the week and I found your comments to be very inspirational.

    - I am printing them out to read again and again.

    - Something I also like to do is read something inspirational like this into a tape recorder and listen to it while I  

      am at the gym.



  • Thanks I needed this about now Caryl

  • Thank you for this-I started my challenge yesterday!wish me luck ,:)

  • Thank you for all seven steps! I have the magazine subcribtions, BFL journal, and going to post goals on frig, bathroom, and wallet. My favorite idea is the dream board..... Nothing is too big or to small :)))

  • Thanks for a good word this is the kind of stuff that keeps you going! Good luck to everyone!