Joining the Body-for-LIFE challenge is the beginning of a journey that I pray all of you will soon recognize should not end with your final completion date. Rather, the challenge should be a stepping-stone that will propel you forward towards a much more enriching and fulfilling life experience. You will realize after achieving your 12 weeks that you have so much potential to do more than you ever believed was imaginable. At that point, you must also see that the sky is the limit for you and that you are capable of doing anything in which you focus your mind 100% towards.

A point of importance is that you set for yourself new goals. Seek out new challenges and diverge down multiple paths towards new adventures. This will do two things for you. First, it will ensure that you keep the gains that you fought so hard to achieve, keeping your body strong, your mind sharp and your spirit bright. Second, it will make your life exponentially better, seeing views not all have earned the privilege of seeing and experiencing a deep level of contentedness. A self-satisfaction for finding a new cuspice of existence that at one point was thought to be unimaginable to even dream of reaching. You must seek these novel experiences out-you now have the ability to do them. Make every effort to do so before the test of time imparts on your body the inability to move forward as quickly.

That being said, I want to show you how meaningful and easy setting a goal can actually be, no matter how difficult it may appear. As long as you are willing to take the steps necessary in order to achieve it. Then execute each one as flawlessly as the last and more precisely than the one that came before. To do this I am going to write about my efforts to train for the up and coming Badger Mountain Ultra-Marathon:

 This is a 100-mile race that I pray will test my limits physically, spiritually and mentally. I have already been told that for me it cannot be done. Being too large, having not enough time to prepare, it being just too long, amongst many other excuses others have already given me. I make the distinction that those excuses are from outside myself. Mainly the reason why I do not listen to them is because the only voice that should ever drive you or I, is the voice that comes from within-there is no reason why anyone cannot achieve besides the reasons that they allow to make themselves believe that they cannot do it. There is no reason in my mind that expresses to me that I will not step over that finish line-victorious. In fact, because I believe it so strongly, will it to be so readily and have expressed it to the universe to hear so openly, in my mind I see it as already having been done.

There are obstacles yes and many of them will be worthy challenges to overcome, nonetheless, no matter what, they will be met and conquered like any other I have faced before. Today I start the beginning of a training regimen I have never done. For the first time in my life I will be training for long term sustainable endurance rather than completing a short race at an amiable speed. Yes, for this race, my goals have aligned differently-for this race it will not about being the fastest, or about winning a top placing rank, no not this one. This race will be the first run where I will win solely by facing the hardships that comes with it and seeing it through till the final footfall lands upon the opposing side of the finish line.

I will keep you posted on how it goes. Next time I will give you a breakdown of my training regimen, supplementation plan and how I am preparing to meet this challenge head on. If you have any questions, have any advice, or want to support me and see how I am preparing my mind along with my body you can reach me on facebook at:

 I wish you all the best in your own endeavors and pray that you find the same level of fulfillment in whatever it is you choose to do.  If you'll be so kind to excuse me, I have some running to do.


Health, Happiness, and Fulfillment,

Bryant Scott

2011 Body-for-LIFE Champion