It’s a Mind Game - Body for LIFE Champion Andrew Crouch



It’s a Mind Game - Body for LIFE Champion Andrew Crouch

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It’s a Mind Game

Hello to the Body-for-LIFE® community! I hope your training is challenging your body but renewing your mind at the same time. It’s amazing how powerful you really can become if your mind is right, clear, and positive about what you’re doing. Today I want to talk about how important a positive thinker is and how much you can do when you are ON with yourself. The mind is a very powerful tool! It controls even the heart at some points in our life but what is important to remember here is that you are in control of your own mind.

Are there days when you tell yourself you’re not worth it, you’re ugly or maybe you should quit now? Sure, we all have had those thoughts in our minds before but what did you do after the thought passed through? Did you do the opposite or did you listen and obey those thoughts?

 Today’s blog is not about how much weight you lifted or what food you ate wrong. It is about how important your thoughts are to your success. Believe that you can and then do is the path to success. If you want to lose pounds and inches then you know what you can’t eat and you know that it has to come off in the gym, so do it. If you want to pack on some muscle then by golly man you need to throw up some heavier weights and eat that protein. It even goes beyond anything fitness related. You must believe to achieve and that’s where most people fail. Most of the time people who fail have trouble believing in themselves. It is difficult to be confident if you have never been taught to do so. You have one life my friends and no do over’s. Take control over it and make something happen. Just don’t stand still!

Making a change for the better is a process. It may take some time but start small. We Americans want the super fast way but I encourage you to slow down and learn to journey your way through. Get your mind right and get rid of anything that is damaging. Whether it’s a relationship, or a technology that wastes your day, or if it’s just you and your own thoughts, change is the only way to make anything you’re doing now BETTER! I encourage you today to live as your time is running out and so you have a lot to accomplish. Love you all and wish you the best. ---ANDREW

  • Thank you for the positive words of encouragement Andrew!  I like how you said to get rid of anything that is damaging,   I tend to hold onto people who are damaging to me, as well as technology wasters and time wasters, rather than focusing on living life to the fullest.  I hope to start a new year, where I can focus my energy on positive ways of living life.  Thanks so much for the words of encouragment!  Happy New Year!

  • Thanks Andrew. I started looking at the BFL website in October 2011. I read your success story and continue to be amazed at your transformation. I really found your story and photos to be inspiring. I have the same build as you did before you started the program. Today is my first day and I am feeling really good about it. I am in the process of changing so much in life, and my body and mind are the start of that.

    You said something here, you must believe to true. I look at your before/after pictures and think to myself that he worked very hard to achieve his amazing end result. I know I am not alone when I say that you really conquered it. Thanks for being an inspiraiton to me. I look at your photos daily and my own to know that it can happen. It will happen.


  • That was great  positive words of encouragement. Now I need to know how to make that work in getting this wieght off.I being working out for 7 weeks and lost every bit of 5 to 10 pounds . i felt great in week four, but now i havenot lost anymore .were have i gone wrong .

  • Thank you for the positive words at a time when I really needed to hear it.

  • Nice and appreciated! I plan to win the 2012 competition! Just 4 weeks to go!