The Power of Words - Body for LIFE Champion Stephanie Workman



The Power of Words - Body for LIFE Champion Stephanie Workman

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I want you to stop and think for a do you speak to yourself? Do you speak to yourself with kindness or or loathing...patience or frustration? How do you speak to others? Do you poison with words or do you bless with words?

You see, words are so powerful that how we use them when speaking to ourselves can really make a huge impact in all areas of our lives. How we use them to speak to others can affect the very course of their lives as well.

Learning to use 'the word' to EMPOWER yourself can create some amazing opportunities in your life. You can move from a place of frustration and anger with yourself to one of peace and progress. You can replace those negative words in your head with positive and uplifting thoughts.

What you dream, what you are, and what you want to be are all manifested by the power of the words you use about and to yourself and others. You see, words are a force. They can create goodwill or war. They can create feelings of love or hate. They can poison someone when spoken with ill intention. They can harm and enslave people for years.

But words can also create goodness, strength, love and can provide a loving means to make someone's day better. Words can be used to create the wonderful things that you want to happen in your life if you'll just learn to use the power of the word.

It might seem silly to some...but on my mirror in the bathroom I have posted my blessings for the day. These are prayers of thanks in ADVANCE of the blessings I'm expecting to receive. A great new job for Don. A good report card for Bethany. Health and financial security for my family. I read these words daily and believe them and expect them to come into my life. I'm using the power of the word to speak them to life.

If you will practice speaking kindly to yourself you will be surprised at how much happier you are with life. Instead of responding with angry words to a situation, stop and reflect on how you can use nicer words to get your point across. People respond far better to kindness than anger.

Speak kindly to yourself and others and you will reap the rewards. How will you know it's working??

People will start to respond to you differently. They will have more respect for you. They will request your opinion knowing you'll give them solid and thoughtful advice. They will not be fearful to approach you..for they know you will not speak to them in anger.

Go ahead....use the power of the word in a positive way and just wait and see what happens with your life...

May you be richly blessed.


Stephanie Workman


  • Stephanie, I really needed to read this from you. I am having a hard time with my BFL. I am in my 3rd Challenge and it has been harder

    than ever this time around.  I have to drive 100 miles 2 times a week to get to the pool. I don't swim, but do other exercises in the pool. I lost 3 lbs, but started a new harmone pill that put 12lbs extra on me. How depressing. I am following ever thing correctly, but the weight is not moving.  The younger people on the Forum don't really understand what I am going through each day. They don't understand that I can't use weights, but it is a blessing to read what they say anyway, because they do try to encourage me some.  You wrote this so long ago, you probably won't ever see it, but just want to thank you again for your post.