12 Weeks! - Body for LIFE Champion Andrew Crouch



12 Weeks! - Body for LIFE Champion Andrew Crouch

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Good month to you! Here we are coming around the corner to the months of summer. For some of us this can be very intimidating. When the sun comes up we have to start taking off our extra layers of clothing. It makes us more vulnerable to show off that extra brownie and ice cream we ate during the holidays. Listen, we all do it, and we all feel bad after we eat such things, but it doesn’t mean we can’t get rid of it. Now is your time!!!!

This is your time to start to shed off those extra pounds. Give yourself three months of hard discipline. You will feel renewed by the end of the summer. Start the Body-for-LIFE® program and your life will be forever changed. Don’t just go to the gym with no plan. Body-for-LIFE will give you guidance and it will give you a plan. You have to have a plan to be successful in almost everything in life. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you start Body-for-LIFE.

What should I eat?
What do I need to drink?
How much cardio do I need to do each week?
What are the correct way to do the weight lifting exercises?
How much sleep do I need?
What supplements are best for my goals?

There are so many do this and don’t do that’s that we all wonder about. Body-for-LIFE will teach you. Go get the book. Read it and the questions above will be answered. It is a 12 week program to help you lose fat, gain muscle, and help you get your life back. You just need 12 weeks! You just have to believe what the experts are telling you and don’t doubt yourself. By the end of summer you can get into that sexy bikini or those studly shorts that you think only "special" people can wear. Read the book, look at the web site or ask a friend familiar. We are all here to help you succeed. Body-for-LIFE will show you that you can accomplish your goals! Just 12 weeks. Now go!

Andrew Crouch

  • I have a questions...I have read the book a few times over and I have watched BFL interviews on You Tube, I am still concerned.  I see the dramatic differences and I am curious.  Have any of these finalists altered or added to the structured exercise?  You also mentioned supplements.  I take a multi-vitamin and fish oil each day.  I have my shakes and I am eating according to the plan.  I am amazed at my results thus far and look forward to the following changes in the coming weeks!  Do I need to take additional supplements like the CLA offered by EAS?

    Thank you for being an inspiration!

  • Just started my transformation on July21.  Never too late to work on that beach body.  Thanks for encouragement.

  • We are excited to hear about the great changes you are experiencing using the BFL program, reachinggoals. Please note that the changes people experience will vary. Always keep your goals front and center. Your experience will be different than others, as your goals may be different.

    Your decision to use additional supplements such as CLA depends on your specific health/nutritional needs and goals.  It is best for you to consult your personal health professional (e.g., physician or registered dietitian) before making a decision on which nutritional supplements to use.

    Again, review your goals and progress daily. Stick to your fitness and nutrition plan to reach your goal. Call us if you have any questions or need a few additional suggestions.

  • Good luck on your journey, BFLifer28!

  • hello i am now starting up with bfl i have been struging with my weight all my life i loss then gain, never satisified with the result.i like what i see so far very informative. my only block is that im not sure about the nutrition which to use and when to. im 210 56inches male 24 yrs . body is pear shaped. i  would appreciate your responses.

  • I would like to know, james crouch, did you make your transformation in 12weeks or multiple 12 week programs? I think that i have a body shape close to yours and would really like to know whether it was all done in 12wks? BTW your pics are my background for inspiration. Thanks alot

  • i m ready to start if my weight is 270 and my height is 6ft what should my final goal be? jwahlEAS

  • to add to this comment i am 37 and my body fat is over 30%