Challenge Tips

Body-for-LIFE Top Success Tips

  • The bottom line

    The bottom line is that this nutrition and exercise plan works and can yield astounding results.

  • Start with meal replacements.

    I would recommend starting with meal-replacements and then add other supplements once you do a little research on what your weight loss or muscle development goals are.

  • Use your watch!

    Keep upper body workouts to 46 minutes maximum and your lower body workouts to 42 minutes maximum and concentrate on maximizing your minutes.

  • Be a planner.

    Those things that you can control, CONTROL! Plan when you are going to exercise, plan what you are going to eat. Have something you can eat if your schedule changes.

  • Stay organized.

    It makes it so much easier for me to follow the program when I’m organized. I have found that when I’m prepared my whole day goes so much smoother. I have a positive attitude and more energy, so I am more productive.

  • Keep setting new goals!

    Whether it’s starting a new Challenge, running a marathon or interviewing for a new job, you have to constantly be setting goals. If not, you’re just going to find yourself in the same place you were before.

  • Check the website.

    View the Body-for-LIFE® website at least 1-2 times per week. It’s important to see the transformation of other ordinary people who are just like you and I.

  • Treat yourself with a trip to the mall!

    Buy yourself a new pair of running shoes when you commit to a full month of cardio. Better yet, buy yourself a new pair of shoes and a gym outfit.

  • Start a team!

    If you know others who would be interested in making the 12-week commitment with you, get them involved. One of the surest roads to success is to be accountable to others and to hold them accountable. You can mutually support each other and keep on track.

  • Focus on the positive!

    Be mindful of anything unnecessarily negative that enters into your life through media or other avenues, and just make the decision to focus instead on things that help you reach your goal of living a happy, healthy lifestyle. Change the channel… or better yet do something active!

  • Keep a record of your journey either on paper or online.

    Use the Body-for-LIFE® journal or your own method of tracking your eating and your exercise routines. This is very eye opening for anyone who has never done it.

  • Prepare for a successful Challenge by doing some quick homework.

    Read the book and the website so that you have a good basic understanding of Body-for-LIFE®. Once you have a good basic understanding of how you will do your cardio and your resistance training, get started. You don’t have to do the workouts perfectly at first.

  • Read (and reread) the Body-for-LIFE® book!

    I can’t emphasize enough the importance of reading and rereading the Body-for-LIFE® book! Keep it with you and refer to it often. Read it, follow the program closely, and you will see amazing results! It has worked for so many people and it will work for you too!

  • Buy a cheap blender.

    Get a battery operated blender for $10 at the drugstore. I was using one of those old fashioned shakers to mix my Myoplex®, and I think I heard angels singing when I found that little blender.

  • Be ready for the photographer!

    Bring “after” pictures of other Champions to your photographer to show what you want. Practice flexing and posing beforehand – there’s no mirror available when you’re in the shoot itself.

  • Use a log.

    Begin a log and plan well ahead. Decide when and how to get your workouts into your schedule. Establish priorities and be honest with yourself.

  • Focus on each workout.

    Be purposeful about the intensity of your workout. Give each action as much attention as is possible at that moment. Clear your head of the day’s worries, or family anxieties, or whatever may be in there. Focus exclusively on this workout.

  • Be creative on vacation!

    Vacation often involves travel. Don’t let yourself use the excuse that once you are away from home, the workout routine must stop. Use your creativity to get it done!

  • You have to rest.

    Women want to do cardio so much, but they start tearing their muscles down and looking emaciated. I tell my girlfriends: “Just 20 minutes and it’ll work. I promise.”

  • You can run anywhere!

    Cardio can be done anywhere on planet earth. You can always go for a run or walk, stair climb, jog in place, etc. to help increase your heart rate.

  • Visualize.

    Before you lie on that bench for that press, visualize yourself performing the exercise. Focus on every motion of each rep.

  • Rest during exercise!

    Make sure you take your full minute rest between sets. Use a stop watch or clock to keep track.

  • Plan your exercises.

    I filled out what exercises I was going to do and what weights I planned to use in my journal. This helped save time, so I could get in there, get out, and stay on schedule for the rest of the day. It may seem tedious, but planning and executing a workout produces results.

  • Plan for the staff meeting!

    Planning your meals and supplements in advance is a guiding principle for your Challenge. Do you want a healthier, stronger body? Or do you want donuts and bagels during the meeting?

  • Follow the Program.

    Don’t starve yourself.  Follow the program and you will be providing essential nutrients your body needs to be fit, healthy and strong.

  • Simply remember to eat and drink sensibly.

    Be sure to drink plenty of water. Drinking water is a great way to help settle tummy grumbles, which may tempt you to overindulge.

  • Instead of a "Free Day," have a "Free Meal."

    One thing that we have found very surprising is the longer we have been eating better, our "cheat" days aren’t as fun. We do not feel as good after a full day of grubbing. So our cheat days have become more like a cheat meal here and there.

  • It’s not about eating less, it’s about eating smart!

    You can’t expect to see results if you aren’t feeding your body what it needs to change.

  • Use Myoplex® and EAS® protein powders.

    Myoplex® and EAS® protein powders played a huge part in my success. They were meals that not only filled me up and tasted good but also were nutritious.

  • Always refuel after weight training!

    Refueling after weight training is something I didn’t learn until after my first Challenge, and I wish I’d understood its importance earlier. I believe I could have gained more muscle. Now, after lifting weights, I nourish my muscles by breaking open a packet of chocolate cream Myoplex Original®.

  • Simplify your meals.

    Eat foods that are easy to prepare without a fuss, nutritious and enjoyable to your taste buds! Myoplex® shakes are invaluable for a tasty post-workout meal-replacement, providing nutrients you need.

  • Stick to the list!

    Plain and simple, stick to the foods on the list and you can’t go wrong.

  • Drink meal replacement shakes!

    When you’re mobile, ready-to-drink meal replacement shakes are an excellent way to help fulfill one to two of the six-smaller-meals-a-day requirement. They’re easy and delicious.

  • Take a cooler.

    On the road, I always have a cooler in the trunk, with healthy food ready at a moment’s notice. If you’re flying check with your airline carrier regarding carry on restrictions, and consider packing your food in a backpack cooler or pack a few Myoplex bars in your carryon luggage. Always have a backup plan in case you’re delayed somewhere. You don’t want to get so hungry that you undermine your success.

  • Be smart when eating out.

    If we do happen to eat out on a non-Free Day, we tend to order salads with dressing on the side, grilled chicken, fish or sandwiches, and we substitute salad and steamed veggies for fries.

  • Don't slack while traveling.

    Life must go on when you travel. With just a little planning, you don’t have to sabotage your health while on the road. Find hotels with exercise rooms. Go for a jog or to the local gym. Pack foods that you can use in a pinch, such as apples, protein bars, ready-to-drink shakes, whey protein powder to mix in a shaker, pre-packaged tuna and cracker snacks.

  • Know why you're doing it!

    “Why am I doing this?" is a question that should be answered thoroughly and definitively BEFORE you ever start your program. In fact, it should be the first step of your Challenge. I can promise you that without a strong enough "why" you WILL NOT reap the results that you desire. But the wonderful news is that with a good "why" in the bag, you will never lack the motivation and desire to press on through the tough times and your goals will always be in sight.

  • Count down to your goal.

    I buy one of the large poster-size wall calendars that shows all 365 days at once on one page and then I number backward from my finish date, so I know just how little time I have left to complete my goal. For me, this creates a real sense of urgency.

  • Know your goals!

    You can’t attain your dreams if you don’t know what they are.

  • Keep doing it!

    There’s definitely going to be ups and downs during the Challenge, but every day you stay on track, you’ll wake up feeling even better the next day. It’s the biggest motivator to keep doing it.

  • Don’t write to impress the judges.

    Write for yourself. Ask yourself, “How have I changed in 12 weeks?” Not just in terms of scale weight or body fat, but mentally and spiritually.

  • Confront your fear of failure.

    By confronting my fear of failure and changing my habits and outlook, I’ve developed my character along with my body and health.

  • Surround yourself with positive people.

    Find an accountability partner – someone who encourages you to keep your commitment – and challenge each other to do better.


    Body-for-LIFE® is a proven program. There are thousands and thousands of people all over the world who are living testimonies that it does. Use their examples, listen to their stories, ask them questions, and learn.

  • Choose to not use an excuse.

    The bottom line is everyone has an excuse, it is a matter of whether they use it or not.

  • Make the time.

    A lot of people say, “I just don’t have the time.” Make the time and give it 100%. It will become a part of your daily routine. It’s like taking a shower.

  • Never stop learning.

    Body-for-LIFE® is a tremendous starting point, but education continues throughout life, and that includes the realm of health and fitness. Never be complacent with your level of knowledge.

  • Be Proud!

    Be proud of what you have accomplished. Print “before” and “after” photos for motivation in your next Challenge.

  • Follow the Program.

    Muscular rest and rejuvenation is as important to development as the actual resistance exercise itself. There are many very smart people who spend their professional careers figuring this fitness and exercise puzzle out for the rest of us. Going through the Challenge lifting more often or running longer sessions is not helping you achieve your goals.

  • Mix it up!

    With weight training and cardio, avoid doing the same exercises too often. Keep the body constantly guessing what the next exercise is going to be.

  • Use your body.

    The greatest portable weight set of all time is not sold in stores. It’s not in the fitness center of your hotel or stocked in your gym. It’s your body, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

  • Schedule your weight-training days.

    I always try to decide which days during the week I’m going to have more free time, and I schedule three of them as weight-training days. Days that are busier than others I use for my 20-minute cardio routine. This way I don’t have to shortchange myself on my weightlifting.

  • Don't skip meals!

    Cutting out meals or limiting calories with the hopes of speeding up weight loss is a mistake. The intention may be well meaning, but research shows that your body needs an energy supply in the form of carbohydrates and a rebuilding supply in the form of protein to stay energized and “fueled.” Follow the Program.

  • Eat right!

    It truly is amazing how eating right can make you feel better. Something as simple as portion control, and changing a few things around like using leaner meats, whole grains and proteins, can lead to weight and fat loss and a healthier lifestyle.

  • Use your "Before" pictures.

    Put your “before” pictures on the refrigerator and the cupboards. Those pictures can help destroy even the most intense cravings when you’re looking for junk food.

  • Be consistent.

    A key element to Body-for-LIFE® is eating five to six meals a day. This is to minimize sporadic eating outside of the meal plan and helps support your body's metabolic rate.

  • Think ahead.

    Turn your kitchen into a production line. On Sunday evenings, make at least five big salads and store them. Grill a few chicken breasts and cut them up and store them so that you can easily add them to salads, wraps, or rice. Not all meals or food are safe for eating after being held for 5 days in the refrigerator the usual rule is after 3 days throw it away.

  • Keep it simple.

    A lot of people try to make it into rocket science, and all it takes is eating a fist-sized portion of carbohydrates and a palm-sized portion of protein.
  • Get the whole family involved.

    Finding meals that everyone in your family enjoys makes it easier to follow the program. Protein pancakes and protein smoothies are a big hit at my house.

  • Be prepared!

    You wouldn’t drive without a jack and a spare tire! So why wouldn’t you have reserve supplies stashed in your car, office, or purse, such as water and Myoplex® meal-replacement shakes?

  • Create Menus

    Create menus for the week with a shopping list of everything you’ll need to coordinate with those planned meals. Take the list with you and buy everything you need at once. This saves multiple trips to the store and cuts back on staring blankly into a barren fridge with limited meal options.

  • Helpful tips for winning photos:

    • Wear the same type of clothing in the "before" and "after" photos
    • Male: Form-fitting shorts are preferred
    • Female: 2-piece bathing suit is preferred
    • Remember that if you are covering up parts of your body it will be difficult to show your progress
    • Do not cover your legs with long shorts or "cut" them out of the photo
    • Book your after photos with a photographer now. This will help you stay committed and focused.
    • Try to get the highest quality photos you can. Consider having a professional take your photos in a studio, it really does not cost that much money and could be well worth it. Remember, this is the only way the Body-for-LIFE judges can see your transformation. Good, clear, high quality photos are essential. If you do use a digital camera the photos must be professionally developed. A good 35mm is also a great choice. Please note, the Body-for-LIFE judges do not recommend disposable cameras or Polaroid's. These types of cameras do not always reflect what you physically achieved during your transformation. Again, good, clear high quality photos are essential. Please submit 3x5 or 4x6 photos.
    • Try taking them outside in either the morning or the late evening (when the sun is low) as the light is generally better for photos at that time.
    • Take your photos against a plain background.
    • Please stand with your arms at your sides in the photos—no posing please (one front photo and one back photo).
    • Please include your whole body, from head to toe.
    • Try to fill the photograph with yourself. If you stand too far away it may be hard to see your great results.
    • Copyrighted photos will not be accepted unless signed release of use to EAS from the photographer is attached to the packet. All photos become the property of EAS and will not be returned. Please have duplicates made and keep a copy of these photos. Do not send in negatives—please hang on to them and do not lose them. Your photos may be used by EAS to promote its business even if you are not selected as Champion.


  • Don't Dream it, Do it—Be committed!

    Joining the Challenge is just the first, small step toward the new you. Now you must make the decision to do it, not just dream about doing it. The real difference between a dream and a decision is simple: commitment. A dream is based on wishes; things that you hope will occur. A decision is the initial step in an active pursuit of something you truly want. A solid decision leads to commitment; commitment leads to success.

  • Throw the scale away! (Not really, just set it aside)

    The bathroom scale can fool you into thinking that you are making little to no progress. Frequent weight-checks on the scale leads to one thing: frustration. You see, the scale will only tell you one thing... how much you weigh at any given time. Your overall body weight can fluctuate throughout the day due to fluids and foods in your body. You are shooting for real change in your overall body composition and health, not a number on a scale. By the way... get a body composition assessment! It's the best way to gauge your true progress.

  • Expect to stall out slightly.

    During your program, you may experience a period where nothing seems to be happening. Don't be alarmed! Remember that you are replacing fat weight with healthy, lean muscle! Although your scale weight may not show it, you're probably experiencing substantial progress in your body composition. Women in particular may notice the most dramatic changes occurring after week seven. Again, the best way to determine your progress is through body composition assessments and how your clothes fit.

  • Stick with the basics—it's not rocket science!

    Read Body-for-LIFE by Bill Phillips, cover-to-cover, and then follow the program exactly. These training and nutrition principles have been time-tested by countless fitness enthusiasts and Challenge Champions with astounding results. The "before" and "after" pictures and testimonies are proof positive.

  • Set specific, realistic, attainable goals.

    Gauging progress is much easier when you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Set goals that are specific, realistic and attainable. It may help to identify long and short-term goals. The long-term goal would be exactly what you want to accomplish by the end of the 12 weeks. Short-term goals could be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly checkpoints for evaluating your progress. For example, let's say your long-term goal is to drop 24 pounds of body fat. Your short-term goals may be to finish each week without deviating from the Program, check scale weight every two weeks, and get new pictures and a body composition assessment each month.

  • Share your decision with others.

    Tell everyone you know that you have joined the Body-for-LIFE Challenge. Tell them your goals and your start and finish dates. There's nothing like a little healthy peer-pressure to help you stay focused and motivated!

  • Keep records and refer to them often.

    Download and print off the Daily Progress Reports. These are excellent tools that will help you to track all 84 days of your weight training, cardio and nutritional programs. They are indispensable for trouble-shooting your progress and for verifying how far you've advanced at any point of your program. They are also very helpful for reference when you are seeking advice from one of our Fitness Advisors. Have them nearby if you call us for guidance on your progress.

  • Eliminate obstacles.

    Pre-plan your way around known obstacles to increase your chances of success. Learn to say "no" (respectfully) more often to those who drain your time each day. Be willing to train early or late in the day around your responsibilities. If food temptations are too great, eliminate un-authorized foods from your pantry! Eliminate the need/desire to consume fast foods by cooking volumes of food such as chicken breasts and rice and storing them in containers. Two or three microwaveable containers with a chicken breast, rice and a vegetable are portable, convenient and "Authorized".

  • Use your "Free Day" ...but not too freely!

    As Porter Freeman says, "It's your Free Day; you're free not to use it." In other words, the Free Day is there for you if you need it, however, it is not required that you take it. It's a personal choice. The Free Day does have its benefits. For one thing it is useful as a reward system it's something to look forward to and helps eliminate food cravings.

  • Use your resources—we're here to help you!

    Our EAS Fitness Advisors have helped thousands of people successfully complete the Body-for-LIFE Challenge. Don't hesitate to call them at 1-800-297-9776. In addition, features all the information you need to follow the program, plus inspiring success stories, motivational tips and recipes. You can also join the lively online community and meet other people who are doing the Challenge.

    Need some extra motivation? Check out these weekly messages from some of your favorite Body-for-LIFE Champions.

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