2002 Champion, Inspirational

Wally Emery



Results: Lost 18 pounds of fat, and reduced body fat to 12% *

Goal: Fat Loss

Wally Emery

Going on a suggestion from a good friend, Wally Emery decided that the Challenge could help him get on the fast track to recovery after having open-heart surgery. His reasons for accepting the Challenge ranged from feeling guilty about becoming lazy after completing his first Body-for-LIFE® Challenge to having the desire to lower his cholesterol. Dropping 18 pounds of fat, and reducing his body fat to just 12%, Emery is feeling more positive about himself with his confidence and self-esteem the highest they have ever been. “The Challenge has added years to my life, seeing it through from start to finish was not only a physical achievement, but a mental one as well.”

*Individual results will vary

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