2011 Challenge Champion, Men 46+

Tim Mardis

2011 Champion Tim Mardis


Results: Lost 33 pounds of fat*

Goal: Fat loss

Tim Mardis

After my 49th birthday examination, my physician presented me with some very disturbing news. It began with the alarming test results from my blood work, went directly to the startling news about my Thyroid and ended with the fear-provoking news of a heart attack he believed I had suffered. Additional tests confirmed that I needed a specialist for my Thyroid and that I had scar tissue on my heart. It became immediately apparent that life was hurling a challenge at me. If I continued to ignore this challenge, chances seemed pretty good that my life would be cut shorter than I planned. I began thinking how selfish it would be to have children late in life only to abandon them. So, I decided to take this challenge head-on, and I knew that the only surefire way for me to succeed would be to tell everyone I know that I was taking the Body-for-LIFE Challenge – the embarrassment of quitting was certain to keep me motivated – and it did! Sure, the first few weeks were difficult; I was lethargic, undisciplined in my eating habits and couldn't walk a mile if my life depended on it. But once I contacted the BFL Help Center and visited the BFL online Community, my struggles ended and the finish line was in plain site. What a difference 12-weeks can make. 

* Body- for -LIFE fitness goals vary by person, but through proper diet and resistance training, the Body- for -LIFE program can help you achieve yours.
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