2006 Champion, Men 40-50

Ted Gertel

Champion 2006, Gertel


Occupation: Orthopedic Surgeon

Products: Myoplex®, Lite Nutrition Bars, Betagen®, CLA

Results: Lost 25.7 pounds of fat and gained 11.4 pounds of muscle *

Goal: Lean and Strong

Ted Gertel

“Honor Self-Promises”

That statement from Body-for-LIFE® really hit home. When I was age 20 and exercised regularly, I promised myself that I would still be in great shape at age 40. I was often asked, “What are you training for?” There was a commonly held belief that regular exercise was something you did only when training for a particular sport or season. I always answered, I am training for LIFE.” This was over 20 years before Bill Phillips wrote Body-for-LIFE®, and so many people were puzzled by this concept.

When I turned 40, I realized that I did not keep the promise I made to myself as a college student. Like many people, I got out of the habit of regular exercise and good nutrition as I got busier in my career. But I should know better because I am a Sports Medicine Specialist and Team Physician. I take care of high-level professionals and collegiate athletes. I helped these athletes stay in top playing form, but I was too busy to maintain my own physical fitness.

My wife made an amazing transformation on the Body-for-LIFE® program, and she encouraged me to take the 12-week challenge. I resolved to honor my self-promise with the goal of being in great shape at age 50 and beyond.

I read many inspiring and touching stories from people who had successfully completed the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge despite great adversity. However, I feel that people should not have to experience great misfortune or a personal tragedy in order to successfully transform their lives. A promise made almost 30 years ago became a powerful motivating force for me. Bill Phillips stated, “Keeping those promises unleashes enormous energy and potential.” The positive responses I have received from co-workers, patients, and friends are overwhelming.

I now realize that many other people have made similar promises, which are waiting to be honored. My success in the 12-week Challenge has inspired people around me, and I am ready to help them on their journey.

*Individual results will vary

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