2005 Champion, Top 6 Finalist

Russell Pendergrass

Champion 2005, Pendergrass


Occupation: Captain, U.S. Navy

Results: Lost 30 pounds of fat *

Goal: Fat Loss

Russell Pendergrass

A family health crisis drove Russell Pendergrass to change his body and life.

I have known for 3 years that my 27-year-old son, Michael, will need a liver transplant and that if I were 40 lbs lighter and more physically fit I could qualify as a liver donor for him. (The size of your liver is determined by the weight of your body). Michael’s first child is due in November. The thought of that baby being raised without his daddy—when I could prevent it—finally gave me the perspective I needed to embrace the BFL Challenge. The change would have to be permanent because once I achieved my goal I would have to stay there until Michael needed half my liver. To create my new Body-for-LIFE® (Michael’s life), I had to kill my old body—kill it so it would NEVER resurface in the form it has carried for the past 33 years.

How do you kill in 12 weeks what has taken 53 years of bad habits to build? I used six “bullets”: (1) I worked out first thing in the morning and I pushed myself to the max everyday. (2) I relied on supplements that worked. Despite two injury set-backs—a strained back muscle in week one (literally laid me on my back for three days) and a pulled hamstring in week 10, I am convinced that Betagen® accelerated my recovery. I refused to give up and acting on the advice of BFL trainers, worked around the injuries and stayed true to the course. (3) I removed sugar and bread from my diet – completely. (4) I ate every three hours. Myoplex® made this easy and subtle in a work environment. (5) I planned my workouts and my meals for the next day. Without a plan I tend to act on the whim of my weaknesses.

With a plan, I never notice my weaknesses and eventually they succumb to the folly calling me. (6) I laid to rest the old 240 lb. Russell with a 44-inch waist and stand tall as a NEW man (void of guilt and self-loathing) at 210 lbs., with a lean 36 inch waist and 12 percent body fat. After failing for 33 years, I did it!! Now I can look in the mirror each morning and know that if I get the call, my liver is the right size for Michael. Nothing tastes as good as THAT feels!

*Individual results will vary

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