2006 Champion, Women 40-50

Ronda Buker

Champion 2006, Buker


Occupation: IT Project Manager

Products: Myoplex® Lite Powder, Myoplex® Lite Bars

Results: Lost 35 pounds of fat, dropped her cholesterol from 216 to 188 *

Goal: Lean and Tone

Ronda Buker

My paternal grandparents passed away in their early 40’s – one from cancer, the other from heart disease. My maternal grandparents fell victim to the same 2 demons at 50+. My father underwent his first triple bypass surgery at age 42. This year, I turned 41.

Twelve weeks ago, I was a depressed, obese, unattractive woman with high cholesterol and hypothyroidism. I suffered leg, back, and chest pain on a regular basis and experienced shortness of breath when ascending a flight of stairs. I had accepted the fact that I was condemned to a life filled with medical issues and pain. The only saving grace was that, given my family history, it probably be cut short. This dismal outlook changed on September 13th, 2006 when the City of Phoenix introduced the Body-for-LIFE® program as part of a corporate wellness initiative. What I remember most about the BFL Kick-Off Meeting and Porter Freeman’s presentation was that the daily proposal of 6 protein / carbohydrate meals and 45 minutes of exercise was not only achievable during the 12-Week Challenge but also maintainable for a lifetime.

I began the program that night. I followed the nutrition and exercise regimen in the BFL book to the letter doing my 20 minute aerobic solution at 4:00 a.m. so that I could wait the recommended hour before eating breakfast. I kept a journal and adjusted my routine as necessary. By week 4, significant physical changes were noticed. The more others commented, the more determined I became. By week 8, I was so excited and encouraged by my progress that I took “three sets” of BFL Books to Pennsylvania for three of my sisters. I taught them to shop, eat and exercise properly. I requested they join me in the next Challenge to improve their health and lives. My greatest thrill came in Week 9. I had to go shopping for clothes as the three sizes in my closet no longer fit. In week 11, I had my blood work done again. It is official; Body-for-LIFE® WORKS!

In the last 12-Weeks, I have experienced a huge transformation. I have lost 35 lbs, gone from a 34 ½” to a 27” waist, brought my BMI into normal range, decreased my total cholesterol from an unhealthy 216 (on medication) to 188, and decreased my pants size from an 18 to an 8.

As astounding as my physical alterations are, my mental overhaul is even more remarkable. The BFL program has given me the strength and confidence to reach a little higher, push a little harder, and be successful in all that I attempt. I display joy and happiness and am a much more positive person. My supporting / giving nature is self-actualizes as I encourage others to do the same.

I could not have made such a metamorphosis without the support of friends, family, the BFL Community and the 14,000 City of Phoenix co-workers. The bi-weekly rallies gave me the knowledge and motivation I needed to succeed. I would strongly encourage all corporations to offer this program to their employees. For each individual who embraces the plan, as I have, the company will benefit 100 times over. Word of mouth is a powerful advertisement. Over the past 12-Weeks, I have raved about BFL to everyone. It is hard to argue with visible proof; hence all are inspired by my story. I must thank the City and Body-for-LIFE®. You have made the woman I was yesterday a distant memory while giving the woman I am today the tools necessary to ensure a long, happy, healthy future. I am forever in your debt.

*Individual results will vary

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