2007 Champion, Men 30-45

Ron Tindall

2007 Champion Tindall


Occupation: Pressure Washer

Products Used: Myoplex® Original, Betagen®, Thermo DynamX®

Results: Lost 12 lbs. of fat while packing on lean Muscle Mass and slashing his bodyfat into the single digits in 12 weeks *

Goal: Size and Strength

Ron Tindall

Up until 12 Weeks ago when I started my Challenge. I was overweight, unhealthy, frustrated and with hardly any extra energy. My body hurt and I basically felt like an old, broken down man at just 37 years old. I had resolved within myself that I would just limp into middle age and that my health would go down hill from here. After all, that’s the way it’s been in my family. Both my grandparents on my father’s side died of heart attacks in their 50s. Both my grandparents on my mother’s side died of cancer. My dad had a heart attack in his early 50s (Thankfully not fatal). My mom is diabetic and had several other health concerns and my sister had a bout with breast cancer in her 20s and has had numerous health problems since. Why should I expect anything different of myself? Just 2 years ago I myself was rushed to the emergency room with symptoms of a heart attack. It just seemed as though the prime of my life was gone and there was nothing I could do about it.

One day I was thinking about what kind of example I was becoming for my kids and how much of their lives I was missing because of my lack of energy and poor health. It made me sad to think about all the fun things we could be doing together if only I had the energy. I could see in their eyes and hear in their voices their excitement, wanting my attention, wanting me to play with them and do all the stuff daddies should be doing with their children and the disappointment when I couldn’t. I wanted to change!

My wife told me about the Body-for-LIFE® Program. She had a friend who had successfully completed the 12-Week Challenge several years earlier and she thought it would be a good program to try. I thought it sounded good too, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit the time it would take away from the family to do the workouts. I was worried that by spending more energy instead of conserving energy I would feel even worse than I already did. After all, I wanted more time with my family— not less. What I didn’t realize then, which is crystal clear now, is that by focusing on myself just a little with quick, intense, efficient workouts exactly as prescribed by the Body-for-LIFE® Program (Literally only 3½ hours per week), I would be able to give my family much more of myself than I ever could have before.

My wife and I did the program together. Our kids have also been involved in the entire process, from the “Before pics” all the way to the “Afters” encouraging and inspiring us all the way. We actually made this transformation a family project. We’ve had tons of fun and we have all gotten healthier, happier and closer together as a result.

The phenomenal results that following the Body-for-LIFE® Program have produced are beyond comprehension. I have had close friends, family and even strangers approach me to inquire about what I’ve been doing to get in such great shape. I am amazed and quite humbled at the kind words and comments people offer literally every day. I have even been approached by leaders in my church about starting an exercise program for the people in the church. I will do that for sure.

I take off my hat to all the awesome people at EAS and Body-for-LIFE® for making life-long fitness attainable to anyone who wants it. You all are truly making a positive difference in the world. My transformation means that my children and my wife will have a healthy, energetic daddy/husband for many years to come. And with the knowledge and inner strength that I now have I will pursue helping everyone I possibly can who desires their own Body-for-LIFE®.

* Individual results will vary

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