2004 Champion, Women 33-39

Rena Reese

Champion 2004, Reese


Results: Lost 23 pounds and dropped from a size14 to a size 8/10 *

Goal: Fat Loss

Rena Reese

“When the head and heart are aligned, the body will follow,” Rena says. “This promise to myself has helped me find my power. The power to choose, focus, set goals and achieve.” Rena began the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge at 167 pounds and after 12 weeks she lost 23 pounds and dropped from a size14 to a size 8/10. Rena also dropped her cholesterol from 291 to 166. Rena gained inspiration to complete the 12-week Challenge by creating a 2 ½ minute video of her 12-week transformation. “Each day I would add 3 seconds to the video wearing the same bikini and standing in the same place. After adding each day’s footage I would watch it from the start.” From this video Rena learned that each day mattered. “Anyone can create their best body from this Program,” Rena says. “And I’m not done yet!”

*Individual results will vary

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