2003 Champion, Women 40-49

Patricia Retoriano

Champion 2003, Retoriano


Results: Lost 41 pounds of fat and decreased body fat from 38.9 percent to 13 percent *

Goal: Fat Loss

Patricia Retoriano

Patricia is on top of the world in 2004. But just eight years ago, it was a much different story. A major illness had caused her to become bedridden and unemployed. She was totally dependent on medication to maintain her strength, yet it was that same medication that sapped her of energy and vitality. Patricia knew she had to become accountable for her own health, but she went one step further—she posted her “before” pictures at the gym, and began her Challenge with her peers watching every step of the way. Every four weeks, Patricia tacked a new picture of herself on the bulletin board so that others could see how quickly she progressed. “People at the gym were amazed at how quickly I transformed my body,” writes Patricia. “They told me that I was an inspiration to them. This, in turn, inspired me to stay on course.” Little by little, Patricia reclaimed her health. After losing 41 pounds of fat and decreasing her body fat from 38.9 percent to 13 percent, Patricia knew she had finally taken control of her health. “I changed my physique and gained muscle tone in less than 12 weeks,” she writes. “Before my illness, I had worked out for years and never accomplished this kind of result.”

*Individual results will vary

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