2005 Champion, Top 6 Finalist

Nicole Heyrman

Champion 2005, Heyrman


Occupation: Business Owner

Results: Lost 30 pounds of fat. Gained 7 pounds of muscle *

Goal: Lean and Tone

Nicole Heyrman

Rock bottom was just the beginning of a life-changing journey for Nicole Heyrman.

Just three months ago, I was wishing my life away. I had no enthusiasm for anything and wanted each day to end as quickly as possible so I could drown my sorrows in sleep. A negative work environment with constant criticism had eroded my self-esteem, despite all of my accomplishments. I left to start my own business, putting in long hours with few results. I had completely abandoned working out and my only source of happiness was eating comfort foods.

I had read the Body-for-LIFE® book in the past, but was extremely skeptical of the mental component. I simply viewed it as “just another diet program.” At that point, three months ago, I realized I had hit rock bottom emotionally and I was beginning to suffer from health complications due to my lifestyle. Something desperately needed to change.

I re-read the Body-for-LIFE® book with an open mind and made the decision that I would follow through. Within the very first week, I noticed my posture had improved, reflecting my already increasing confidence. My journal entries were changing from negative and hopeless to positive and determined. I applied the planning, goal setting, and intensity aspects of BFL to personal and business areas and became more productive and profitable than ever. The sense of satisfaction after an intense cardio session was greater than a slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake (any flavor)! As my progress continued, it was as if a light switch had been flipped inside of me: energy-on! Positive outlook-on! Confidence-on! I couldn’t believe I had ever doubted the mental aspect of Body-for-LIFE®. When I began seeing drastic changes in my body, each morning became like Christmas. I would look at my arms or legs, in shock that these arms and legs I didn’t recognize were actually mine!! My sole mission had always been to help, support, and serve others. This was the first time I dedicated time and effort to taking care of me and improving myself. With a small investment, I completely overhauled my life. At first I felt I was being selfish. However, I quickly learned that by giving to myself I had even more to give to others. People noticed and responded to the new sparkle in my eye and the broad smile restored to my face. It was as if I had always been sinking in quicksand and was trying to push everyone else up to safety. Now, I have sturdy footing on a mountain and I’m pulling others up to enjoy the view.

*Individual results will vary

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