2006 Champion, Men 50+

Michael Harris

Champion 2006, Harris


Occupation: Magistrate (Administrative Law Judge)

Products: Muscle Armor®, Phosphagen HP, Myoplex® Original, Myoplex® Original Ready-to-Drink

Results: Lost 28 pounds *

Goal: Lean and Tone

Michael Harris

2006 was the most challenging year of my life. As the year began I was still reeling from the death of my good friend Julie Whitt in December 2005, something that in all my dreams and prayers I never imagined would happen. Her sudden passing literally made me heartsick for months. That was followed by painful back and shoulder injuries that nagged me most of the year. I also had symptomatic, progressive osteoporosis in the spine and hips, which required me to take two prescription medications.

All my troubles allowed me to sit around, lick my wounds, feel sorry for myself, and get fat and out of shape. Finally, one day in mid-August, searching for inspiration, my eyes fell on this inscription in the front of the Body-for-LIFE® book. “Thanks so much for all you have done to support me. God bless you. Love, Julie Whitt.” She wrote that for me in Knoxville where I had seen her for the last time. As I thought about Julie again and wondered what I had done to “support” her, the words I always told her came back loud and clear, as though she was saying them back to me: “Stop worrying about what you can’t do. Get off your butt, and act your way to a better way of thinking!” I suddenly realized that I wasn’t glorifying Julie’s death or solving my own health problems by acting like a selfish slug, so that’s exactly what I did—got off my butt and got to work.

I was horrified at the before photo I shot on my 60th birthday. Surely I couldn’t have gotten that pudgy in so short of a time! But it did the trick. That day, August 25, I became the comeback kid, starting my “still sexy at sixty challenge!”

I weighed 191 pounds August 25, 2006, more then I had weighed since 1983 when I went into alcoholism treatment. Knowing I had my work cut out for me, I went out and bought the heavy artillery - Muscle Armor®! Man, I don’t know what “Juven® Technology” means, but I do know what good results are, and my results from that stuff far exceeded even those from my favorite standby, Phosphagen HP. Using Muscle Armor® just as recommended, I saw both muscle gain and fat loss take place in a hurry.

Well, the results and the pictures speak for themselves. I went from 191 to 163 pounds in twelve weeks. My waist dropped from a tight 34 inches to a normal 30 inches. My neck is an inch longer, and my old injured shoulders and traps have never looked better. But that’s just the exterior. And we all know that a good exterior doesn’t produce peace and happiness - it’s what is going on in the inside that matters.

Inside, I have never felt better. I am at peace about Julie and I know God took her for a reason. I am happy and pain free, and no longer do I sit and stew and feel sorry for myself. It really was as simple as acting my way into a better way of thinking. There’s nothing like Body-for-LIFE® training and nutrition, excellent EAS® nutritional supplements, and a healthy dose of self-discipline to pull a guy out of a deep funk.

Though I will continue to encourage and advise others on the BFL guestbook, as I have over the years, this will likely by my last formal challenge. If these results don’t earn me a Body-for-LIFE® Champions Jacket, I don’t know what else would for me. I know one thing for sure - I don’t intend to let myself go downhill like that ever again.

*Individual results will vary

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