2012 Challenge Champion, Women 18-29

Mellissa Pring

2012 champion of Meilissa Pring


Results: Lost 25 lbs of body fat.*  
Goal: Manage Weight

Mellissa Pring

 The transformation I experienced during my Body-­for-LIFE® Challenge was completely different than what I had expected. I originally started the Challenge because I wasn’t happy with the way I looked or felt. I felt heavy, tired, puffy and out of shape. I didn’t like to exercise; I actually would dread breaking a sweat. I had absolutely no self-­esteem or confidence. Saying that I now feel better after completing my Body-­for-LIFE Challenge would be a complete understatement. I now feel like I’m the person I am supposed to be. I love to workout every day. I have no problem pushing myself further than I ever thought possible and I now look forward to Challenges, rather than backing away from them. To be in great shape is an amazing feeling. I can outrun my kids and finally be the role model for them that I always wanted to be. I have the confidence I have wished for my whole life. I feel so genuinely proud of myself, and I know that I won’t ever hold myself back again. Completing the Body-­for-LIFE Challenge has removed “I can’t” from my vocabulary. I went from being insecure, to being in control. I am in control of my body, my health, my fitness, and my life. And for the first time in my life, I am happy with who I am. The experience of participating in and completing the Challenge was life altering. I started out concerned with changing the way my body looked, and when I finished I had become a much stronger person than I ever could have imagined.
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