2002 Champion, Women 18-25

Maria Ramos



Results: Dropped 8.5 composition points, down four sizes and six pounds *

Goal: Lean and Tone

Maria Ramos

Maria Ramos was getting to the point of questioning the benefits of exercise because she couldn’t observe any changes. Then she read the book and became inspired to change her mind and her body. Ramos joined the Challenge with tons of support from her family and co-workers, who also joined the campaign. Coming from a Hispanic culture, she first learned how to step away from the table, which often featured large portions and foods high in fat, without offending anyone. As her family adapted and gave her encouragement for her new lifestyle, Ramos combined her new diet with her co-worker’s pep talks on meals, workouts and successes for additional inspiration. She was amazed at seeing her body change before her eyes … dropping 8.5 composition points, down four sizes and six pounds. Beyond her physical transformation, she now admires the person she is and feels so empowered and in control of her body and mind.

*Individual results will vary

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