2007 Champion, Grand Master Champion

Margi Faze

2007 Champion Faze


Occupation: Stay-at-home Mother of Three

Products Used: AdvantEdge® Carb Control Bars, AdvantEdge® Carb Control Shakes

Results: Lost 27 lbs. of scale weight while dropping her body fat by 13% in 12 weeks *

Goal: Fat Loss

Margi Faze

While huffing and puffing my way around the indoor track at the gym, a twenty-something, slim girl ran by me and made me feel as though I was standing still. At 35 years, I felt “old” for the first time in my life. That day, I stood on the scale, studied myself in the mirror, and was devastated to realize what had become of my body after three pregnancies and much nutritional negligence. I was tired all the time and as much as I ate, I never had the energy to play with my children, much less to take them to the park or even the library. Up until that day, my daily exercise had consisted of walking from the couch to the pantry and back. It’s no wonder that my weight had ballooned to 142 lbs. on my 5’4” frame. My father is severely overweight and suffers from diabetes, high cholesterol, and depression. His mother died at age 58 of complications from her diabetes and I realized that my fate could be the same if I continued my negligent ways. That was when I decided to change my life, first for my family, then for myself.

I had known about the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge for many years after a friend from college told me about it. I never thought it was something I could or would do. To my surprise, when I got online and began to read what the challenge actually entailed, the ease of the meal plan and work-outs, I began to feel very optimistic. I enlisted the help of a trainer to perform a complete initial evaluation, progress evaluations, and to help me learn the gym equipment and proper workout techniques. I told all of my family and friends about the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge and what my goals were for the 12 weeks. This way, I knew I had to follow through. Talking incessantly about the details of the program, I was so excited that my husband was inspired to join the challenge and four of my girlfriends also decided to hit the gym and get healthy with me. After a couple of weeks, I suffered a set-back when my three-year-old daughter fell from the couch and broke her collar bone. I stopped going to the gym and stayed with her for ten days while she healed. Although I had no way of exercising, I continued to eat healthy substituting one or two of my 5-meals-a-day with AdvantEdge® Carb Control bars and shakes.

I began the 12 weeks weighing 142 lbs. with 31.38% body fat. By the end of my ninth week I was already down 23 lbs. and 11% body fat. I was extremely motivated and ready for more. I continued to work hard and exceed every goal I had set for myself. At the end of the 12 weeks, I weighed 115 pounds and registered a cool 18.92% body fat! Even better than that is the rush of energy I now feel every morning when I get up. I am so happy and so full of life that my husband and children barely recognize me as the same person. They love that I have the energy to do things with them now. We have family game and movie nights, we make trips to the park, the museum, and we even make the gym a fun part of our weekend. This is thanks in part to the great playroom they have at our gym where our kids play while Daddy and Mommy work out and play racquetball.

Looking toward my future, I now see a healthy, vibrant wife and mother of three who plans to be around to see her children have children and enjoy every minute of it! The bottom line is that whether I win this competition or not, the Body-for-LIFE® Program has truly created a positive change in me for Life. I continue to tell everyone about the Body-for-LIFE® Program because I am living proof that it works and I hope that my story inspires them so that they too can enjoy a long, healthy and beautiful life.

* Individual results will vary

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