2005 Champion, Top 15 Finalist

Lori Rickett

Champion 2005, Rickett


Occupation: Crime Scene Investigator/ Deputy Sheriff

Results: Lost 27 pounds of fat. Gained 1 pound of muscle *

Goal: Fat Loss

Lori Rickett

A real-life CSI builds a brand new body with BFL.

Having started a family right after high school, I felt I never got the chance to enjoy living in a great looking body. With my youngest 4 months old and myself just shy of my 30th birthday, I started the program. While juggling my law enforcement career and motherhood I questioned how I would be able to fit a workout into my full circle of never-ending exhaustion. With gaining nearly 100 pounds during my last pregnancy my self-esteem was non-existent. With these thoughts, I brought doubt in my ability to perform at work. What if I was faced with a life saving situation, and failed? I couldn’t let somebody’s life – or death – be determined by my lack of inner and outer strength. Averaging only a few hours of sleep each day enabled me to accomplish my workouts with a home gym. I learned to be creative with food by eating between shooting, stabbing, and burglary calls. I soon had more energy through the twelve-hour graveyard shift. Within 5 weeks, friends complimented my appearance, which motivated me even more. I began vocalizing my passion to succeed which prompted others to join with the program. My duties at work improved along with my family relationships. When my oldest son paused in the middle of his young adolescent life to say, “Mom you inspire me!” I realized at that moment that my own personal goals extended not only through my body and mind, but were also a motivational mentor to my family. They have witnessed my transformation, which one-day may fuel their own determination and willpower to overcome personal obstacles in their lives. The happiness and self-accomplishment I have experienced during the Body-for-LIFE® program will always be a moment in my timeline I can reflect upon. How satisfying to reach my 30th Birthday Milestone with such stride, strength, and rejuvenation!

*Individual results will vary

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