2010 Challenge Champion, Women 46+

Laurie Deemer

2010 Champion Deemer


Occupation: Dentist

Results: Lost 32 pounds of fat.*

Goal: Manage Weight

Laurie Deemer

When the scale tipped 200 pounds, when I stopped letting my husband see me naked, when I wept every time my husband wanted to be intimate, I knew it was time to take back control of my life. I came across Body-for-LIFE® on the Internet - I had never heard of it. I bought the book that day. Thus began my journey.

I had so many bad habits to break – no more alcohol every single day, no more McDonalds for breakfast (not one, but two sandwiches), no more Wendy’s® for lunch, I had to start drinking water (yuck), no more staying up until midnight and being dead tired everyday (nothing two pots of coffee and lots of diet soda wouldn’t fix), no more ordering the largest meal on the menu and already fretting about when and what my next meal would be. Life would be very different now; everything was on a schedule so as not to miss any meals or workouts.

The first week or two were great – the sore muscles were a testimony to my efforts, the nutrition was easy, my energy was sky high. I discovered the guestbook online and found the knowledge and support there to be just the inspiration I needed to win! (I know how that sounds, read on).

The “new car smell’ wears off though. I was so afraid that I would get sick of fish and brown rice, cottage cheese and yogurt, getting up at 4:15 AM to do cardio, drinking copious amounts of water. But you know what? I didn’t. It became routine – it’s just what I do. As the euphoria wore off, it was replaced with an inner peace and sense of courage.

I felt brave enough to take on anything. In my third week, I embarked on yet another life changing journey. You see, I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and I am facing these demons head-on. I have even learned that eating disorders are one of many survival responses to trauma. Upon completion of trauma resolution therapy, I plan to become a voice for sexually abused children here in Georgia. I credit Body-for-LIFE® for giving me the courage to finally speak out.

Putting the universal Law of Reciprocation into effect was awesome. As a dentist, I have so many opportunities to help people; to listen to their stories, to offer advice or a shoulder to cry on, to compliment them or lift them up when they’re down. I really started treating people, not just their teeth. My job became so much more meaningful.

In fact, my life became more meaningful. I started volunteering more for two animal shelters. I became a better friend and even mentored four people to begin Body-for-LIFE.® By honoring my own self-promises and devoting more time to myself, I was able to devote more time and energy to my family. I became very active in the Body-for-LIFE® community online where I met so many unselfish, caring people. In my twelfth week, while suffering from two injured knees, traveling out of state, not cheating once during the holidays or missing a single workout, one of the guestbook regulars told me I inspired others. Who? Me, an inspiration?

How did that happen? When did that happen? It happened when my journey stopped being about winning cash and prizes because I know in my heart that I had already won something much greater: self esteem, confidence, pride, and self-control. It happened when my success was fueled by helping others succeed and not the other way around. It happened when I discovered that I had the discipline, desire and determination to push this 47-year-old body to limits I’d never dreamed of. It happened when I realized the greatest inspiration comes from within.

I will be starting my next Challenge soon. There is no nervous anticipation like the first time. Instead I am filled with the assurance and confidence of a true champion. See y’all on the other side.

*Individual results will vary
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