2005 Champion, Top 15 Finalist

Kenneth Fernandez

Champion 2005, Fernandez


Occupation: Shipping Agent

Results: Lost 46 pounds of fat. Gained 4 pounds of muscle *

Goal: Fat Loss

Kenneth Fernandez

Kenneth Fernandez turned every reason to quit into one focus—to become a Body-for-LIFE® Champion.

“Twelve Weeks Down and a Lifetime to Remember”

As Body-for-LIFErs, we all have one thing in common, we didn’t like what we saw in the mirror and we wanted to change it. Amazingly, we didn’t realize that changing the outside would affect the inside so much. I have become a better person not only by the way I look, but also by the way I love my wife, my son, my family, my friends, and most importantly myself. Wow! What a difference twelve weeks has done for me, and not a day goes by that I have not shared at least one experience with a Body-for-LIFEr or a potential Body-for-LIFEr. As I see it, everyone out there is a Body-for-LIFEr waiting to happen and I am here to guide them to success. To all that know me, I am the essence of Body-for-LIFE®. BFL has shown me that if I set my goals and focus on what I set out to do, I will get it done. I like to say, “I am shooting for the moon and if for some reason I don’t make it, I still fall with the stars.” Each day is a new day and I push myself out of the comfort zone to hit my 10s.

Crossing the abyss every day lets me know that in my heart nobody has out-worked me. Having one thought at a time, I make sure it is positive and I take that attitude into the weight room or onto the track where I strive for perfection. I am a Grand Champion to my family, to my friends, to my two Body-for-LIFE® support groups and to myself and that is what it is all about. The love and support I get from them motivates me to want more. I have struggled, sweat, cried, and survived yet another twelve-week challenge and I am back again! This is not my first challenge and won’t be my last. I have the drive and determination to keep going because I AM A SUCCESS STORY! Starting my first Challenge at 270 pounds, I went through pain and once a Body-for-LIFEr, always a Body-for-LIFEr. Yes, it’s like a 12-step program, one step (week) at a time. Representing BFL and EAS as your 2005 Master Grand Champion is my goal. With BFL, there is no doubt; I CAN DO IT, whatever IT may be!! I am the WINNER!

*Individual results will vary

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