2002 Champion, Grand Master Champion

Jill Augello



Results: Lost 27 pounds and took 20 percentage points off her body fat *

Goal: Lean and Tone

Jill Augello

For Jill Augello, entering the Challenge was a life changing experience. Only in her early 30s, she felt depressed and out of control with no real interest in the world around her. Admitting that she was at “rock bottom,” she prayed to get inspiration back into her life. She found it in the Challenge.

Upon entering, Augello began to see her dreams come alive. She also dramatically changed her eating habits by learning how to cook nutritious meals. The transformation was underway.

“The excitement I felt was unbelievable as I watched everything unfold. My inspiration grew more each day and I started to love myself again.”

Taking progress photos and measurements every four weeks, she used her positive results as motivation. As a result, she lost 27 pounds and took 20 percentage points off her body fat reading.

While Augello dramatically changed her body, she also regained her confidence, self-esteem and gusto for life. “I have a brand new outlook on life. I feel alive again and love my new body, mind and spirit. I look forward to a bright sunny future.”

She also plans on passing her new attitude and healthy lifestyle onto others who cross her path. According to Augello, helping someone through the 12-week process and watching them succeed would be a great reward.

*Individual results will vary

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