2001 Champion, Men 26-32

Jerry Mealer

Champion 2001, Mealer


Occupation: Police Officer

Results:  Dropped 36 pounds and went from a size 36 pants to a size 30 *

Goal: Lean and Strong

Jerry Mealer

Mealer, a 32-year-old police officer and member of his department’s narcotics unit, was tired of being out of shape. He wanted to put an end to going through life physically worn-out and mentally fatigued because of his weight. Mealer dropped 36 pounds and traded in his size 36 pants for size a 30. The Challenge became a “badge” of honor and inspiration for positive life change. “When you feel good, it changes your daily outlook and attitude. The positive energy I felt each time I reached a personal goal helped me to live my life fuller in the present, and allowed me to plan and look forward to the future.” said Mealer. “Now, I feel that I can accomplish anything.”

*Individual results will vary

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