2005 Champion, Top 15 Finalist

Fred Clement

Champion 2005, Clement


Occupation: Sales and Leasing Consultant

Results: Lost 17 pounds of fat *

Goal: Lean and Strong

Fred Clement

Fred Clement fought to win his life back—and won.

It’s been said that “anything worth having is worth fighting for.” For 12 years following a serious motorcycle accident and unsuccessful spinal fusion to alleviate back pain, I forgot this. Diagnosed with chronic pain and chronic daily headaches, every day was filled with hurting—both physically and mentally—which left me sad, depressed and negative. I became complacent that this was as good as my life could be. Doctors had tried and failed to help and I was told, “There’s nothing more we can do for you, learn to live with it!” So I rolled over and accepted this as my life.

Too many years I wasted, my life consumed with pain, negative thoughts and a lack of passion and zest for all the good things I had in my life. When I accepted this Challenge, I knew I needed a change. If no one else could help me, maybe I could help myself. It was difficult to take that first step, but I did it! Every day, I moved closer to achieving something great. For the first time ever, I had set a goal and I was working with a plan to make it happen. I began exercising, I changed my diet and more importantly, I changed my attitude. I no longer felt it necessary to settle for anything less than making every day count. It took me 12 years to fall and hit rock bottom—and only 12 weeks to fight back and get a new life worth having. I can now look at my life and I feel very blessed.

Today I am happy, my pain is manageable and I live every day with a positive attitude. This experience has given me not only a new body and a happier disposition, but greatest of all, I have a new family now. On day 82 of my program I got married, completing my new life with a beautiful new wife Lana and the best gift ever, a 10-year-old stepson, Conner. It was his love and support throughout that kept me focused and I dedicate this achievement to him. Body-for-LIFE® gave me so much more than a new body; it gave me a whole new life!

*Individual results will vary

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