1998 Champion

Fred and Renee Scurti

Champion 1998 Scurti


Products Used: Myoplex® Shakes

Results: lost fat and gained muscle *

Goal: Fat Loss

Fred and Renee Scurti

“A simple decision: change my life or dig my own grave with a fork and a knife,” Fred says. It was time for a change, and Fred accepted the Challenge and told his wife. “You can’t imagine the shock when my wife said, ‘I’ll do it too.’ She disliked working out. In fact, she had never exercised.” Fred didn’t like dieting and Renée didn’t like working out. But they decided to work together and help each other out. Fred and Renée built a home gym in their basement so they could work out before their four kids woke up. “After a few weeks our bodies were changing but more than that, our relationship, even our very existence, was changing. Fred and Renée now have more to give to their children. “We aren’t great athletes. We aren’t models. But we are proud of ourselves, and we are teaching others to build their best bodies.”

* Individual results will vary

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