2010 Challenge Champion, Men 46+

David Gervais

2010 Champion Gervais


Occupation: Producer/Writer

Results: Lost 41 pounds of fat.* 

Goal: Manage Weight

David Gervais

Six hundred and seventy weeks of neglect have been reversed by twelve weeks of smart work.
Over thirteen years ago, before the birth of my son, I decided to take time off from my cross-training routine. I never made it back to the gym! Those few weeks turned into more than a quarter of my life spent making excuses, overeating, being lazy, complacent, overweight, weak-minded, and seriously out of shape.
At forty-eight years young and the father of three children, I had allowed myself to become dangerously unhealthy and obese. I developed metabolic syndrome, risking cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Sadly, I put myself at risk of a premature death.
The poor example I was setting for my children, combined with how horribly sluggish I felt from years of not taking care of myself, filled me with low self-esteem and a sense of failure. I’m not sure how I ended up in the vicious cycle of overeating and not exercising, but rationalized not taking care of myself by making excuses of how busy and tired I was from work and the everyday life of raising kids. I knew I needed to turn my life around, lose weight and get healthy, but I never reached deep enough inside to find the motivation…until now.
My wife gave me the Body-for-LIFE® book and asked me to check it out. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put the book down. The 12-week program made absolute sense to me; it was intelligent, comprehensive and time-tested with so many amazing results by people just like me. This was an exciting opportunity to change my life and transform my body, mind and spirit. I knew this was the program for me and decided to make the commitment. This was the motivation I had been searching for…it was time for the metamorphosis to begin!
I was confident I’d get into the strength training and cardio workouts, but was feeling some anxiety about the nutrition phase of the program because I love to eat. During the past thirteen years, I’ve tried to eat mostly nutritious foods, but often gave in to high-fat, sugar-filled or white-flour favorites. Instead of a normal sized portion of pasta, I’d eat a half-pound. Instead of one sandwich, I’d eat two, both loaded with high fat mayo and cheese. I’d binge on a pile of cookies or a half a cake with a ton of ice cream. Changing both the content of my daily food intake as well as the portion sizes would be my biggest challenge. I convinced myself that at least I had one day a week to pig out and eat what I pleased.
Amazingly, a magical thing happened once I began the program. I immediately had more energy and felt better. I eagerly planned my nutritious meals and stuck to them. I enjoyed working out again. I began to see positive physical changes the first week. My first free day, I stuck to the nutrition plan because I didn’t want to reverse any positive gains I achieved. By my second free day, I went to the gym and got in some extra cardio. I was totally hooked. I didn’t go crazy with workouts or depriving myself of food, I merely stuck to the plan and incorporated great tasting EAS® products. I’m leaner, stronger and have increased my level of fitness. I feel wonderful as a healthier, happier person, having reversed the negative effects from thirteen years of neglect. I’m extremely proud of the transformation I’ve accomplished. I consider this only the beginning, as I’ll never again revert to my lazy, fat, out of shape and unhealthy ways. Goodbye FATBOY, hello FITBOY.
My initial impression of the Body-for-LIFE® program has been confirmed. This is an intelligent, comprehensive, time-tested program that works. It has transformed my life! Instead of BFL, I now refer to it as BMSL…Body-Mind-Spirit-for-LIFE.
*Individual results will vary
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