2012 Challenge Champion, Men 18-29

Dave Youngman

2012 champion Dave Youngman


Results: Gained 10 pounds of lean muscle.* Goal: Gain Lean Muscle

David Youngman

 As I compare my before and after photos of this Body-for-LIFE® Challenge, I see how scrawny I was 12 weeks ago. I thought I looked healthy before the Challenge but now I look and feel solid. What a confidence booster! I feel so proud to have completed this Challenge and also to have met almost all of my goals. I learned how to set goals better by defining what I want and having a plan to achieve it. My imagination has run wild with ideas of improving my spiritual life, improving my career as a musician, improving my family, my home, and so much more by setting goals and making a plan. I had one really big inner change during this program. As I was working out and trying to hit those high points I tried to think of what I really wanted. Early on I thought of the body I wanted and winning the Challenge. This was motivating but after a few weeks I found that what I really wanted was truth. I am a Christian and believe whole-heartedly in God and the Holy Bible. It is a daily battle to stay focused on God and I get so tired of myself not trusting and believing what I know is true. So when I was fighting for those high points I imagined that I was battling to stand up for God. By doing these workouts I was training my mind to fight not just in the workout but also in my life. I only have one chance to live on this earth so I’d better fight for what I know I should be doing while I’m here.
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