1998 Champion

Christy Hammons

Champion 1998 Hammons


Products Used: Myoplex® Shakes

Results: went from 161 pounds with 30.6 percent body fat to 131 pounds with 18.3 percent body fat *

Goal: Lean and Tone

Christy Hammons

“When I first read about the Challenge, I felt the fire ignite within me,” Christy says. When Christy first started the Challenge, she weighed 161 pounds with 30.6 percent body fat. “I traded in my three square McDonalds’ meals a day with six healthy meals a day,” Christy says. “Then I started to do a moderate workout program. Within weeks I felt better, I looked better, and people started to notice.” After 12 weeks Christy dropped her weight to 131 pounds with 18.3 percent body fat. “The Challenge provided me with the motivation and power to improve my physical and mental well-being,” Christy says. “I broke the cycle and regained control of my life by cutting out junk food, eating healthy and sticking to a great workout program. My life couldn’t be better.”

* Individual results will vary

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