2009 Challenge Champion

Christina Stalnaker

2009 Champion Stalnaker


Occupation: Occupational Health Specialist

Results: Lost 29 lbs. of scale weight in 12-weeks*

Goal: Fat Loss

Christina Stalnaker

I have known about the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge for many years and it has always been my dream to enter and successfully complete a Challenge. Over the years, as I viewed the photos of new Champions, I became more and more determined to become a Body-for-LIFE®  Champion. I knew that I would someday have the mindset to change my life and that day finally came!

My weight problem began in early childhood and continued into adulthood. By the time I graduated from college, I weighed 259lbs. due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. I continued to struggle with obesity for many years. I was depressed, miserable, and disgusted with myself.  With a family history of cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure, I knew that I was quickly headed toward a life of health problems.

At the age of 31, weighing 240lbs., I knew the time had come for me to gain control of my life. I became dedicated to the BFL exercise and nutrition plan and successfully began to transform my body. Within one year, I lost over 70lbs. and for the first time in 12 years, my weight was below 200lbs.

My strong desire to complete my transformation, and achieve my healthiest body ever, led me to accept the 2009 BFL Challenge. I approached the Challenge with intense focus and dedication, as if my life depended on it—and it did! To keep me focused and motivated, I enlisted the help of a knowledgeable friend to monitor my progress and pictures and I enlisted the help of a personal trainer to push me beyond my self-established limits. I was determined to complete the Challenge regardless of any obstacles that arose. Frequent work-related travel was on such obstacle, but I proved to myself that I had the mindset, will, and discipline to continue my new lifestyle given any circumstances.

The inspiration came as I began to see the inches melting away and muscle definition developing for the first time in my life. By the end of the Challenge, my weight dropped from 169lbs. to 140lbs. and my body fat from 32% to 21%.  I also traded in my size 14 pants for size 8.

Accepting this Challenge was the single most important decision of my life!  My self-confidence has soared and I have finally discovered my true inner strength and potential. I was fortunate to be blessed with a positive mindset, will power, and strength to achieve this transformation and I am truly proud of my accomplishments. I now realized that I have no limitations … just new standards that I am determined to achieve. For the first time in my life, I am no longer living in the moment, but with intent and purpose. The Challenge has blessed my life and I will continue to follow the Body-for-LIFE® lifestyle and trust that my body will continue to transform beyond my expectations. Thank you EAS and thanks to all of my family and friends who encouraged and supported me throughout this journey!

* Individual results will vary

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