2001 Champion, Men 50+

Brian Traylen

Champion 2001, Traylen


Occupation: Financial Planner

Results: Reduced body fat from 14 percent to 8.5 percent *

Goal: Size and Strength

Brian Traylen

Traylen, a 54-year-old financial planner, had been successful in his first endeavor with the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge but wanted more. As a finalist in 2000, he knew what the Challenge could do and was inspired to participate again. This time, he set aggressive goals that encouraged him to push his limits. He was planning on changing his measurement numbers and never lost sight of that goal. One of his main goals was to decrease his body fat percentage to a single-digit number. He did so minimizing his body fat from 14 percent to 8.5 percent. But, Traylen gained much more than the numbers, he gained self-esteem. “I have increased self-esteem and pride in being fit and healthy, and in encouraging others through my success.”

*Individual results will vary

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