2001 Champion, Women 26-32

Angela Wiebe

Champion 2001, Wiebe


Occupation: Vice Principal

Results:  Went from a size 16/18 down to a size 9 *

Goal: Fat Loss

Angela Wiebe

Wiebe, a 32-year-old Vice Principal, knew she had a lot of work to do after her long and difficult pregnancy left her weak and 40 pounds heavier. Instead of buying a whole new wardrobe to fit her post-pregnancy body, she decided to take the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge—and she aced it. Before starting the Challenge, Wiebe barely fit into a size 16/18. She passed the Challenge with flying colors, bringing her size down to a 9. “This Challenge re-inspired me with the commitment to be a role model to others. I’m so excited about the results that can be achieved through visualizing goals that I can’t wait to start on round two of the Challenge tomorrow!”

*Individual results will vary

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