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Abb Ansley

Champions 1997 Ansley


Products Used: Myoplex® Shakes

Results: Gained 40 pounds of muscle with 10 percent body fat *

Goal: Size and Strength

Abb Ansley

At 50 years young, Abb Ansley’s “before” and “after” photos don’t even look like the same person. His 12-week transformation was so amazing that he became a Champion. The college days had passed when the Baton Rouge, LA native was once a fit and muscular athlete. After 21 years of working and raising a family, Abb was left skinny and “soft”, weighing 180 pounds with 20 percent body fat. Abb was ready to get back in shape and the Challenge provided him the “perfect vehicle and inspiration” to do so. Much of his drive to succeed came from strong character, family and faith. “I believe we are in the effort business, and God is in the result business,” Abb says. After successfully completing the 12-week Challenge and sticking to it over the years, Abb has gained 40 pounds of muscle with 10 percent body fat. Abb works out three to four times a week, no more than 45 to 50 minutes at a time, and he eats three small balanced meals and three snacks a day. Abb is healthier, handles stress better and makes healthy nutrition and exercise an important priority in his life. “I better understand the power of goals,” Abb says. “I believe more thoroughly in the concept ‘strong mind, strong body’.”

* Individual results will vary

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