2010 Challenge Champion, Large Group

2010 Large Group Champions

2010 Champion Group


Occupation: Finance

Results: All together, lost 67.5 pounds of fat.*

Goal: Manage Weight

2010 Large Group Champions

Name: Jeffrey Maniatty
Occupation: Finance
Age: 30-45
City/State: New York, NY
Weight Loss: 27.5 pounds

Name: Henry Lee
Occupation: Risk Manager
Age: 46 +
City/State: Tenafly, NJ
Weight Loss: 8 pounds

Name: Rodney Yartey
Occupation: Marketing Analyst
Age: n/a
City/State: New York, NY
Weight Loss: 5 pounds

Name: Connor May
Occupation: n/a
Age: n/a 
City/State: New York, NY
Weight Loss: 7 pounds

Name: Timothy Lynch
Occupation: Marketing
Age: 46 +
City/State: n/a
Weight Loss: 2 pounds

Name: William Marimbo
Occupation: Finance
Age: 18-29
City/State: New York, NY
Weight Loss: 18 pounds

When you go to sharpen a sword or a knife it takes another piece of iron to sharpen that instrument and that’s exactly how we took on the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” This came at a cost though. Anything worth accomplishing takes a sacrificial act to see it through. Some had to say no to certain foods and drinks, others had to say no to late nights out with friends, and some woke up before the sun rose and kissed their wives and children good-bye as they lay sound asleep.

During a time of unprecedented economic upheaval, frightening job cuts and a severe lack of integrity, you’d never view Wall Street as a place that you could associate health and wellness with. With the demanding hours and no time to sit down to a balanced meal, the odds were against us. However, on January 7th some of us at our firm decided to make a New Year’s resolution we were determined to bring to fruition – “Commit to get fit!”

We had heard of the Body-for-LIFE® Challenge from a colleague of ours who had tried it before and when we looked at the difference in people’s physiques and even more so their attitudes, we decided we wanted to experience what they had as well. We rallied a small group and met at the gym to have our before photos taken. While standing there in our bathing suits it was obvious we had let ourselves go but more importantly that we were on the right track of finding ourselves again.

We would meet every morning at the gym across the street from our firm in New York City and train together. When we arrived in the office the accountability factor rose even more as we’d weigh in on whether or not we were sticking to the Body-for-LIFE® approved list of foods to eat. It was a place where we would share our successes as well as our struggles and encourage each other along the way. After our first 4 weeks our colleagues started seeing noticeable changes in our physique as well as in our attitude and soon a fire began to burn. Others started enrolling at the gym and improving their eating habits. They were witnessing real results with real people taking place right before their very eyes.

By the 8th week, 30% of our firm was enrolled with us at the gym and we were well on our way to reaching our goals of reducing our body fat percentage and losing pounds. We were gaining strength and momentum as we remained committed to the Body-for-LIFE® training regimen, meal plan and supplementation all of which could be tailored to our individual needs. What we were accomplishing was contagious and by day 84 everyone was saying, “I wish I would have joined you in this.” We told them, “You can. It’s not over. This is just the beginning of an amazing journey that we’re on.”

What a thrill it would be to be recognized for our hard work during these last 12 weeks, however, regardless of the results, our true accomplishment would come as we witnessed what our colleagues saw happen with us. Thank you Body-for-LIFE®.

*Individual results will vary
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