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To enable you to unlock your true potential and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. In the end, of course, it’s not just about your body. It’s about your mind and soul.

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*62% less calories than EAS Recovery Protein

EAS Lean 15

*EAS® Lean 15 Protein Powder 100 calories, EAS® Recovery Protein Powder 260 calories

Challenge Tip

On the road, I always have a cooler in the trunk, with healthy food ready at a moment’s notice. If you’re flying check with your airline carrier regarding carry on restrictions, and consider packing your food in a backpack cooler or pack a few Myoplex bars in your carryon luggage. Always have a backup plan in case you’re delayed somewhere. You don’t want to get so hungry that you undermine your success.

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Hi Jessica.  It has been one of those days.  Stressful workday.  I actually need to do my upper body according to the chart.  It is late but guess what I am going to do it right now. So glad I checked in here.  Motivation comes from others.  I got home and saw I got 2 magazine in the mail when I signed up called No Nonsense.  Well off I go to squeeze it in.

Motivational Tip

Change it up. Try a different workout, change your Free Day, find some new recipes.

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